Plant Explosion and Fire Attorneys

You a lucky you got out alive.  Watch below to see what to do after an explosion.

Over the years, we have help countless families put their lives back together after a plant or industrial explosion.  In fact, we have been involved in almost ever major plant or refinery explosion over the last several years.  We have worked on the following explosion cases to name a few:

What should you do if you are injured in a plant or refinery fire or explosion?

  • You need to seek immediate medical treatment.  Be vary wary of the doctors provided by the facility of your employer as they will often over look certain injuries in an effort to get them back to work.
  • Also, be careful with mental health providers you are visiting with.  When we handled the BP Texas City Explosion as well as the Deepwater Horizon explosion, we found evidence that the mental health providers provided by the company were “leaking” confidential medical information that the contractors were sharing with the medical professionals back to the company.
  • If you need help locating a doctor, contact us.  We can help you locate competent medical care.

How injuries occur in explosion cases

In our experience, there are several ways injuries occur in explosion cases. First, the heat and fire from the explosion can cause burns.  Even if a fire does not break out, extremely cold or extremely hot gases or liquids can cause third degree burns.  If one is spared from the heat and pressure released or caused by the explosion and avoid getting burned, the the blast impact causes injuries to individuals.

The shockwave from blasts can cause significant injuries to the head, back neck, and the extremities.  The shockwave can trigger injuries that are similar to being in a major car wreck.  The damage to the spinal cord and discs can have everlasting effects.  Many times, the shockwave from the explosion will cause people to lost their footings or they will be blown off their feet and they are injured as the fall to the ground.  Broken bones such as legs, arms, wrists can occur.

The final way injuries occur when trying to evacuate the premises.  People get trampled and run over as workers flee to escape.  This can cause injuries similar to being involved in a car accident causing neck, back, and other orthopedic injuries.

When do you begin to feel the pain after an Explosion?

In our experience, the fear when trying to escape tends to mask many physical ailments immediately after an explosion. Unless someone is suffering a severely damaged, severed, cut or broken limed, they normally do not feel any pain until the next day. Why? Because their adrenalin and emotions would not let their mind feel the pain in that moment.  We have learned, that often the pain sets in hours and days later after the adrenalin and the nerves begin to settle down.  Do not be surprised if you hear a victim from an explosion tell you the day of that they are not injured, only to find out days later that they have major orthopedic injuries from the event.

Were you injured in a plant fire or explosion?

If so, we can help with the medical treatment and recovery process. Chat with a live representative now or submit a free case evaluation below and our team of plant explosion attorneys will reach out shortly for a confidential conversation. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing people injured at major plant explosions in Houston, Texas and across the country. We’re here to help you put your life back together.