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Bryant FittsBryant learned hard work and persistence at a young age. It all started at the Landry’s Oyster Bar when Bryant was 10. Bryant was just along for the ride when his dad and some old buddies got together for some oysters and beer. Bryant had been begging his parents for a go-cart for months, and he continued to pester his father about it on this particular afternoon. In a moment of weakness, his father told Bryant that he could have a go-cart if he paid for it himself.

Three months later, Bryant had that go-cart. Bryant found a way to earn and save the money needed to pay for it, and he laid the foundation for what his work ethic is today. This experience taught Bryant that working hard, refusing to fail and maintaining persistence will pay off.  He also learned how to focus on the end goal at an early age. As a father of 4, these are the things Bryant wants to pass along to his young children.

Insurance Disputes

Today Bryant works hard for his clients who need help dealing with their insurance companies.   Recently, a commercial property owner, whose roof had been damaged by a severe storm, contacted Bryant to see if he could help. This property owner’s attorney had told him he might have a claim, but that he did not want the property owner to “throw good money after bad.” Bryant’s office reviewed the claim and accepted the property owner’s case. Within six months, Bryant took the claim from an under-deductible claim to securing the insurance company’s replacement of the entire 500,000 square-foot roof and payment of the property owner’s attorney fees.   Bryant enjoys helping property owners get compensated for damage that they are contractually entitled to receive under their insurance policies.

His experience extends beyond insurance disputes and denied insurance claims.   Through his legal career he has developed extensive experience in defective medical devices and drugs and industrial and petrochemical explosion cases.

Pharmaceutical Litigation

Many lawyers work on pharmaceutical cases, but Bryant is among the few who have actually prepared several birth defect cases for trial. In an effort to jumpstart settlement negotiations, a judge in Philadelphia set 5 cases (from a group of sixty) for trial. After extensive discovery and multiple depositions across the nation, all sixty cases settled just minutes before opening statements. Bryant has also been involved with several other defective drugs, including Yaz, Trasylol, and Transvaginal Mesh.

Petrochemical and Industrial Explosions

Over the past ten years, Bryant has been involved in some of the largest Industrial disasters on U.S. soil. Bryant has been called upon by many individuals to help them put their lives back together after one of these tragic events. Some of the representative events he has been involved with include the following:

  • BP Refinery Explosion, Texas City, Texas
  • IP Paper Mill, Vicksburg, Mississippi
  • Imperial Sugar Mill Explosion, Savannah, Georgia
  • Williams Olefins Explosion, Geismar, LA

Legal Background and Education

Bryant began practicing at the law firm of Dehay & Elliston in 2003, representing commercial defendants in a variety of issues. In 2006, he started his own title company and law firm. In 2003, Bryant graduated from South Texas College of Law and became a member of the Texas Bar. He also is licensed to practice in the U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas.

Higher Education and Childhood

Bryant attended the University of Texas at Austin where he received an undergraduate degree in advertising in 1999.

Bryant and his sister grew up in Katy, Texas. He graduated in 1995 from Katy Taylor High School.

Bryant’s parents owned and operated a marble and tile company in Houston for several decades. Bryant spent many hours throughout his high school, college and law school years working at his parents’ small business. In addition to helping him pay his bills through law school, this experience proved invaluable to Bryant: it taught him everything from how to clean out an old pest-filled, neglected warehouse to the installation process of appropriate business operational software. His parents’ dedicated, determined work ethic and do-it-yourself attitude became, and remain, the foundation for Bryant’s character and outlook on life.