Wind is responsible for all sorts of damage to Texas homes and property.  Home siding, windows, and roof shingles tend to suffer the worst effects of strong winds.  Not all the damage caused by wind is noticeable and many wind damage claims are wrongfully denied.

The Problem with Wind Damage Claims

The biggest challenge when filing a wind damage claim will be determining the true extent of the damage caused.  Wind damage is not always obvious, even to a trained inspector.  A cursory inspection will undoubtedly leave some wind damage unnoticed; the only way to get a proper damage assessment is a methodical inspection performed by a professional.

High winds can lift your roof shingles, compromising the adhesive strips and materials used to keep them in place.  Even if the shingles fall back into place following the storm the adhesive will have been permanently damaged, weakening your roof.  This type of damage will not be visible from the ground and most inspectors contracted by insurers will not climb onto your roof to give it the proper amount of attention.  Worse, many insurers specifically instruct their inspectors to avoid inspecting roof shingles, deliberately overlooking damage in an effort to reduce their payout.

Adjusters are trained to look at damages brought to their attention by the property owner.  Having an independent inspection performed will put you in a stronger position to demand proper compensation from the insurance company.  Don’t miss your opportunity to address all of your damage concerns.  Interior damage due to leaks or flooding will go overlooked by the adjuster if they are not properly directed to it.

Improper inspections or willful denial of insurance claims are violations under Texas law.  An attorney will take on the insurance company and set things right.

Wind Damage Claims

You Need an Independent Professional to Inspect Your Roof

Following a disaster, the natural course of action is to contact your insurance company and assess your damages.  We highly recommend against this as it put the insurance company in a position of power to deny your claim.  The insurance company will send out their own adjuster who has been instructed to verify as little damage as possible, reducing or even denying your insurance payout.  If you believe you have suffered wind damage to your home or property our office can direct you to a competent, professional inspector who will independently assess your damages.  We can then review your policy and claim before you contact your insurer so that you are prepared.

Many property owners only call their insurance carrier to survey the roof for damage.  This is strongly discouraged.  If you believe your home may have been damaged by wind, contact a qualified expert contract

Windstorm Claim Testimonials

Jean B

I definitely had a great experience and outcome. . . Will refer anyone I know to this firm!

John P. – Commercial Building Owner

"We really have to commend the job that Carla and Bryant did for us on our commercial roof case. After a denial from the insurance company, Carla and Bryant quickly assembled a team of experts, skillfully took and defended depositions, and finally forced the insurance company to capitulate after mediation. Five star service."

N.G. – Spring, TexasGreat Results!

“Great results. Thank you for all that you did.”

Adam Leday – Dallas, Texas

After interviewing several professionals, I was able to speak with Bryant Fitts who took my case and gave our family the promising results that we were looking for. Bryant and his firm worked very had for us and provided great customer service while diligently working on our claim. I am convinced that our case would not have been successful without Bryant’s hard work.

Sue S. – Dallas, Texas

After several months of the run around by my insurance company, a friend of mine suggested that I contact an insurance attorney.  I am very happy followed through and contacted this firm.  As a result of the settlement, I was able to pay for all my storm related damage and I now have a new roof with a full warranty. I hope do not need to hire this firm again, but if I do, I will in a heartbeat.

The Insurance Company Is Trying to Repair, Not Replace, My Roof.  What Can I Do?

If your insurance company is trying to cut corners by repairing part of your roof instead of replacing it as obligated immediately take the following steps:

  1. Any requests for payment submitted to an insurance company must be done so in writing. Even then, insurance companies have a reputation for being difficult to sway.  Collect all written documentation with the insurance company, engineers, inspectors, and anyone else involved – keep it handy.
  2. The reports collected from independent inspectors will help. An independent review will surely be more thorough than that given by the insurance company.  In any case though, an insurance attorney will be your best option.
  3. Contact the Fitts Law Firm in Houston, Texas. An attorney will review your insurance policy, claim, property damages, and your offer of compensation (if any) from the insurance company.
  4. If any evidence can be found to show that your claim was underpaid or wrongly denied your attorney will pursue a breach of contract claim, bad faith claim, or any other legal action against the insurer necessary.

If you have wind damage to your property but the insurance company is blowing air in your face, contact the insurance experts at the Fitts Law Firm today for your free consultation.  Professional and experienced legal assistance with your insurance claim is only a click away.

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