Exxon Bayton Texas Explosion Attorney

What Caused The Exxon Baytown, Texas Fire and Explosion on July 31, 2019?

According to initial reports, the explosion was triggered when a crane was operating.  Not other information is know at this time.  Based on our experience, most fire like this can be traced back to human failures, or a lack of a policy and procedure in place to prevent this incident.  The Houston Chronicle reports that over thirty workers were injured.  As shelter in place was ordered for the surrounding areas.

What Chemicals were burning?

At time time, we do not know what caught fire and exploded. We do know that the fire started around 11 a.m. cst and it occurred in the area used purify the chemical propylene. Propylene is use a a fuel and for making plastics.

What types injuries and damages have people suffered?

  • Initial reports indicate that some workers have suffered burns and “minor” injuries. In our experience representing people injured in a plant or refinery explosion, companies always underreport the number of the severity of the injuries in plant explosion, especially in the initial reports.

Where you involved in the Exxon Baytown Refinery Explosion?

If so, we can help with the medical treatment and recovery process. Chat with a live representative now or submit a free case evaluation below and our team of plant explosion attorneys will reach out shortly. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing people injured at major plant explosions in Houston, Texas and across the country. We’re here to help you put your life back together.