Pasadena Plant Explosion Attorneys

What Caused The Pasadena, Texas Kuraray America Plant Explosion?

According to initial reports, the explosion occurred while pipefitters and welders were working around ten a.m. The initial reports claim that a failed valve caused the explosion.  Based on our experience, most product failures can be traced back to human failures, or a lack of a policy and procedure in place to prevent the product failures.  The initial reports indicate that while a tower was being worked on, something caused an over pressurization of a line. The pressure relief system failed, a pipe ruptured, flammable gas was released and found an ignition source, causing the explosion and fire.

Over pressurization is a very common cause of industrial plant and refinery fires and explosions.   The Williams Olefins Explosion as well as the BP Texas City Explosion were both caused by over pressurized vessels that ruptured and exploded.  Our explosion attorneys have vast experience with refinery and chemical plant fires and explosions.  We have been hired to represent the injured in many similar explosions.

What Should You Do If You Were Injured In The Kuraray America Plant Fire and Explosion?

Seek immediate medical help from medical doctors of your choice.  If you need help locating doctors who can help, call us, we can help.  All too often Worker’s Compensation doctors will fail to fully diagnose the entirety of the injuries suffered in a refinery or plant explosion.  Typical injuries include burns, orthopedic injuries, brain injuries, and mental injuries such as PTSD.  Oftentimes, the physical injuries will heal over time, but the mental injuries remain, making it impossible to return to work in a plant or refinery environment.

Were you injured at the Kuraray America plant explosion in Pasadena?

If so, we can help with the medical treatment and recovery process. Chat with a live representative now or submit a free case evaluation below and our team of plant explosion attorneys will reach out shortly. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing people injured at major plant explosions in Houston, Texas and across the country. We’re here to help you put your life back together.