Houston Motor Vehicle Crash Facts

Injuries from Houston Car accidents are increasing year over year. In 2021, the most recent reporting year, there were 66,000 accidents in Houston Texas according to the Texas Department of Transportation. These accidents lead to thousands of injuries, many of which were very severe, and some of which resulted in tragic fatalities. There was almost one fatality a day related to a car accident in the City of Houston.  In addition to the loss of human lives, pain and suffering and massive inconvenience, these accidents triggered millions of dollars in economic losses. If you believe you are entitled to damages from a car accident, call the Fitts Law Firm today to speak to experienced personal personal lawyers who can help maximize your financial recovery.

The Texas department of transportation has released the following facts related to Houston car accidents:

  • They were over documented 183 accidents daily in Houston.
  • There was almost one fatality a day related to a car accident in Houston, Texas
  • Statewide, the twenty-five year old drivers lead numbers of fatalities with 65 fatalities for that age.
  • 42% of the car accidents in Houston resulted in an injury.

Unfortunately, the amount of accidents in the amount of serious accidents are increasing in Houston year over a year.  Houston roads can be very dangerous.  Please drive defensively.

What are the common causes for Houston Car Accidents?

Distracted Driving. Whether it’s eating, talking to passengers, fiddling with the radio, or texting while driving, there are many things that distract drivers by taking their eyes off the road causing accidents.

Drunk Driving. Driving while under the influence of alcohol drugs or any other substance prevents a driver from properly focusing on the road, maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles, or, avoiding any immediate danger that may be presented while driving.

Driving at high rates of speed. The faster people drive, the less time they have to react if they need to prevent an accident. People are driving faster and faster with the modern cars that have smoother suspensions.

Running Stop Signs and Red Lights. Many accidents in Houston are caused by people failing to stop completely at stop signs and by drivers running red lights. These types of collisions typically trigger side impact collisions or T-bone collisions, which can increase the risk for serious injury to the spinal cord, neck, back, and the brain.

Night Driving.  The statistics indicate that they are 60% fewer drivers on the road at night, but almost half of all fatalities occur while people are driving at night. Driving at night results and decreased vision and decreased response time.

Following too close or tailgating.  Houstonians always seem to be in a hurry and many of them tend to follow too closely.  Tailgating reduces the amount of time a driver has to react, thus increases the chances of a rear end collision.

Improper turns without the right away. Failure to yield to oncoming traffic with the right away or turning into oncoming traffic. These incidents can trigger T-bone and broadside collisions.

Improper lane changes.  Houston drivers like to quickly to navigate Houston traffic as traffic is getting worse be the year. Many drivers attempt to change lanes quickly in an effort to reach an exit or another road. Failing to check the blindspot, failing to signal, and/or changing lanes too quickly can cause serious auto accidents.

Roadway conditions. Any native Houstonian will tell you that the conditions of our roads are deteriorating rapidly. Potholes and deadly curves cause drivers to lose control when they ordinarily would not. These can cause single vehicle and multiple vehicle vehicle collisions.

Weather conditions. Extreme rain, fog and ice can all cause visibility issues or cause the roads to be very slick. Stock roads make it is easier to skid and lose control of your vehicle. Also when the roads are wet or icy, stopping distances increase and the probability of a spin out when corning increases.

If you were one of the many injured in a car accident in Houston, you might be entitled to monetary compensation from the person or people who hit you. Houston car accident lawyer Bryant Fitts can provide you a realistic expectation as to what you should recover based on his experienced as a car, accident, lawyer in the city of Houston for over 20 years. Contact us today so we can help you start your claim and explain to you how are firm can maximize your compensation.

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