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The pain and discomfort of a serious burn injury is incomparable to any other pain you will experience in life.  Burn injury survivors claim the pain is multiple times more painful than childbirth and passing kidney stones. Many times the treatment of the burn is just as painful as the burn itself. Common treatments for severe burns, includes debridement of the burned skin. Debridement means removal of the dead or burn skin and tissue.

The most important thing after experiencing a burn injury is to seek qualified treatment at a local burn center.  In Houston, the best burn center is located at Memorial Hermann Hospital. It is called the John S. Dunn Burn Center. There is also a comprehensive burn center in Galveston, Texas called the UTMB Burn Block Unit. Also, the Shriners Hospital has a very comprehensive pediatric burn center in the Galveston  and Houston as well.

Once you have started treatment and begun the long road to recovery, you need to contact experienced lawyers to understand your rights.  Also, you need a lawyer to preserve the scene of where the burn occurred and any related evidence. Experienced burn lawyers know how to do this.  The Fitts Law Firm is an experienced Personal Injury Law Firm that has worked on a many, many burn cases.  Attorney Bryant Fitts can give you and your family an honest evaluation of your case regarding who is responsible (liability) and the potential financial recovery (damages).  The Fitts Law Firm offers free, confidential consultations for families of loved ones who have experienced burn injuries

What are the common types of burn injuries?

  • Scalding – When exposed to hot liquids and gasses, your skin can become burned resulting in scalding. Scalding often occurs at home or in the workplace.  Scalding can occur from simple day to day items such as a kettle or a hot water heater that is set too high or a ruptured high-pressure line in an industrial environment. Scalding can cause life changing first to third degree burns.
  • Chemical Burns – These types of burns normally occur in the workplace or in an industrial setting.  Acids and other chemicals can burn and damage the skin tissue.  There are some household chemicals that can cause chemical burns as well.  The following chemicals are known to cause chemical burns: Sulfuric, nitric, hydrofluoric, hydrochloric, acetic acid, formic, phosphoric, phenols, and chloroacetic acid.
  • Heat Burns – When skin tissue is exposed to a source of heat that is extremely hot, a heat burn occurs.  Typical burns in this category include burns from fires, heating appliances, fireplaces, BBQ grills, engine exhaust pipes, and other sources of heat.
  • Electrical Burns – When skin is exposed to high electrical current, the body can be electrocuted and burned at the same time.  Exposure to high voltage electricity or to lightning can cause these burns.  Furthermore, internal organs can be damaged by the high electrical current.
  • Explosions – Most explosions are related to some sort of an oil or gas explosion in an industrial setting.  Normally, over pressurization events occur in pipes or vessels triggering explosions.
  • Frozen Surface – Although most burns are thought to occur from extreme heat, skin and its tissue can be damaged by extreme cold. Common frozen tissue burns can include frostbite to the skin and tissue when exposed to extremely cold environments. Dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and other substances can also cause frozen or severe cold burns.

Although there are different types of burns and the severity of the burn can very, all burns are very, very painful.   Most burns all share a few common traits: the pain is severe, the medical treatment is often extensive, and the everlasting effects or the scaring is present for years to come.

Proving Responsibility and Damages in Burn Cases

Proving who is responsible, or liable, and a burn case is very similar than any other personal injury case. Your lawyers must establish that somebody was at fault or was responsible for the actions that caused your burn. Once fault or responsibility is established, your lawyers must provide evidence of necessary medical treatment.  Typically medical treatment is divided into three categories: Past medical treatment, present medical treatment and future medical treatment. Burn injury victims are entitled to recover all three types of medical damages. Then your lawyers will demonstrate past, present and future pain and suffering and disfigurement (from the scaring). You are also entitled to past, present, and future lost wages.

Establishing responsibility (also called liability) in these cases requires extensive investigation (which we have done multiple times) to determine the true root cause of the burn source.  This is normally a fire or an explosion. We hire teams of experts to properly research and report as to the cause of the incident that caused the burn.

Our burn injury attorneys take these claims very seriously, and we understand how these claims can affect you and your family.  We want to fight to make it right.  Contact the Fitts Law Firm today for your free, confidential burn injury consultation today.  We will review your claim and explain all the options available to you under Texas law.

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