Head On Collisions in Houston, Texas

Experiencing a head on collision often leads to serious injuries.  If you have been injured in a head on collision, it is likely that you have suffered serious injuries. Medical bills and lost income quickly adds up.  The Fitts law firm is experienced in handling head on collisions. Call today to see how we can help.

If you have bene injured in a head-on collision, you have probably suffered serious injuries.  Medical expenses and bills will quickly mount. The sheer force involved when two vehicles collided in opposite directions, leads to twice the force exerted compared with colliding or impacting a stationary vehicle or object.  

Typical head on accident injuries

A head on crash causes the human body to be thrown forward during a head on crash.  This violent movement typically causes the following injuries:

  • Whiplash – Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when your head is moved rapidly and violently back-and-forth or side-to-side due to a jarring impact.  If your body or torso is restrained by the seatbelt, your head will move violently and trigger soft tissue injuries in your neck. The pain is caused by the muscles and tendons in your neck, stretching beyond their normal movement ranges.  Often times, the pain associated with whiplash has a delayed onset.
  • Chest Injuries – these injuries occur when extreme force is exerted upon the chest. This is called trauma. There are three types of trauma: penetrating, blunt, and crushing trauma.  Penetrating, trauma and crushing trauma can be deadly.
  • Leg Injuries – when the force of the impact moves your body violently forward, the legs will absorb the impact.  It is common for the legs to fracture after impacting the dash or the steering column in the vehicle. Knee injuries are also common as well.
  • Spinal Injuries – Traumatic blows to the spine can cause damage to the vertebrae causing bone fractures or dislocation, tear or strain ligaments, and damage the soft spinal tissue in the spine.
  • Head Injuries – The traumatic back and fourth movement caused by head on collisions place tremendous forces on the brain, which can lead to concussion and traumatic brain injuries.  The injuries are typically difficult to diagnose with the tests common administered in emergency rooms.  It is always advised to see a specialist if you have lasting effects after a head-on injury.

Who is Responsible for a Head on Collision?

When analyzing fault in an head on collision, an analysis of who had the right of way where the impact occurred must be determined. The Fitts Law Firm, has experience determining fault in head-on collisions, and we can apply your experience to help obtain the best medical treatment and maximize your recovery if involved in a head on collision.

Causes of Head on Collisions

Our experience has shown that some of the typical causes of head on collisions are: 

  • Wrong Way Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Failure to Follow Traffic Signs
  • Left Turn Accidents.  Failing to yield to oncoming traffic when trying to make a left turn.

What’s the best way to avoid a head on collision?  Pay attention to your driving environment, focus on the road by avoiding distractions, understand that your fellow drivers on the road may not be paying close attention to what they are doing. In the event, that you can’t avoid a head on collision, the lawyer at Fitts Law Firm can help.

Houston Head on Accident Injuries

Head on collisions lead to serious injuries.  You are entitled and deserve full compensation for all of your damages.  You are entitles to your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and all other damages you are entitled to by law.  Bryant Fitts is a Houston personal injury attorney with the experience and skills to handle you head-on collision and receive the compensation you deserve. Call for a free consultation.

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