ITC Deer Park Texas Fire Attorneys

What Caused The ITC Deer Park, Texas Fire?

According to initial reports, the fire started because a tank became overheated. Ultimately, the fire in this tank spread to several other tanks.  Based on our experience, most fire like this can be traced back to human failures, or a lack of a policy and procedure in place to prevent the product failures.  The initial reports indicate that the safety mechnasim either failed or was not properly triggered and that is what allowed the first fire to start. These tanks are so large, employees have likened trying to extinguish the fires with water would be like trying to extinguish the burning 55-gallon drum with a water gun.

What Chemicals were burning?

  • The chemicals that were burning are components of gasoline and other chemicals such as nail polish remover
  • Certain gasoline blends
  • Base oils
  • Xylene
  • Pyrolysis gasoline and
  • Naptha

What types injuries and damages have people suffered?

  • Headaches and respiratory issues have been reported by people who leave near the plume.
  • Some individuals and businesses have been unable to work or conduct business because of the excessive smoke.  These business could have loss of business income claims because of the ITC fire.
  • Property owners have experience excessive soot deposits on their property would can lead to premature corrosion of metals and surfaces exposed to the plume of smoke.

Did you suffer damages because of the ITC fire in Deer Park, Texas?

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