RV and Motorhome Accidents in Houston

Exploring Texas and the United States in an RV is a rewarding experience, but with great power comes great responsibility — as the famous quote says. Unfortunately, these accidents can lead to serious injuries and even death decause of their sheer size, weight, and the methods used to construct RVs and Motorhomes.

Whether it’s a conventional RV, camping trailer, camper van or motorhome — safety should always be prioritized first! If you find yourself involved in RV and Motorhome accidents, Fitts Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers in Houston, TX can help you maximize the compensation you deserve.

Common Reasons Behind RV and Motorhome Accidents in Texas

Even though RV’s are large and can be difficult to maneuver there is no additional permit or special instruction required to legally operating one of these substantial vehicles. The most common accidents concerning RV’s, trailers and motorhomes include:


The size and weight of a motorhome requires additional distance to bring it to an abrupt stop in order for it to be both safe and efficient.  An inexperienced RV or Recreational Vehicle driver might not be able to stop as quick as the vehicle they are tailgating.


Defects in these vehicles can cause all sorts of issues and accidents, In 2020, the NHTSA launched an examination into production discrepancies concerning RV tires.

Runaway Trailers

Sudden moves, brake malfunctions, overloading the trailer, speeding up unnecessarily and incompetent or incorrect usage of equipment are just some of the causes behind a runaway trailer.

New or Irresponsible Drivers

Possession of a driver’s license is the sole requirement needed to operate an RV or motorhome. Nonetheless, being able to do so securely and confidently is another story altogether.  Many RV drivers lack the training they need to properly maneuver their motorhomes and RVs.

Overloading and Unbalanced Loads

An imbalanced RV substantially increases the risk of a rollover accident. Meanwhile, excess weight on your vehicle has the potential to hinder your ability to stop quickly.

Wrong Estimations When Turning

Unlike passenger cars, when driving an RV, taking turns requires both a wider angle and slower speed to ensure you stay in your lane.  Many RV drivers do not appreciate this until it is too late.

Who is Accountable for an RV Crash?

When it comes to a car crash involving an RV or motorhome, deciding who is at fault can be difficult. Oftentimes, the driver of the Recreational Vehicle will be to blame because they are driving an unfamiliar vehicle.

However, if there was a breakdown in machinery due to design flaws or production faults, then that could have been the cause for the accident and any subsequent injuries.  If this is the case, then the manufacturer could be held responsible.

What are RV and Motorhome Fires?

Although RV’s provide the utmost comfort for travelers, they can also be a source of potential danger — particularly when it comes to fires.

Since RVs have unique designs and components, they are more likely to catch fire than other vehicles such as passenger cars. These fires can lead to severe burns or explosions that put lives in jeopardy.

In recent times we’ve seen numerous cases where RV owners had horrible experiences due to these types of issues:

  • Electrical Fires
  • Mechanical Fires
  • Propane Fires
  • Fires caused by overheating
  • Refrigerator Fires
  • Fuel System Fires

Every month, RV fires are far too common with causes ranging from dry wheel bearings to fluid line leaks and electrical short circuits. Surprisingly, around half of all RV related blazes occur while the vehicle is stationary.

Houston RV Accident Injury Claims

When it comes to RV accidents and injuries, there are many scenarios in which they can occur — whether the vehicle is stationary or moving. Not only that, but such incidents come with absolutely devastating consequences: burns, brain damage, broken bones, cuts…the list goes on.

As if these weren’t bad enough already, the damages can trigger  extensive medical bills for emergency room visits and hospital stays as well as long-term physical therapy sessions.

Furthermore, victims of these unfortunate events often have to face income loss along with permanent disfigurement – both of which bring about not just personal hardship but affect their entire family too.

The Fitts Law Firm knows that there isn’t any amount of money that can undo the harm caused by a grave injury. Nevertheless, those who have been injured deserve to be provided with compensation for their present and future financial losses in addition to anguish inflicted from such an accident.

If you or your beloved one has endured an RV collision, don’t hesitate — reach out to us now so you can speak directly with a veteran personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX!

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