Abogados para casos de incendios y explosión en plantas

Put our plant and refinery experience to work for you and your family today!

Over the years, we have help countless families put their lives back together after a plant or industrial explosion.  In fact, we have been involved in almost ever major plant or refinery explosion over the last several years.  We are currently evaluating and investigating the following incidents:

What should you do if you are injured in a plant or refinery fire or explosion?

  • You need to seek immediate medical treatment.  Be vary wary of the doctors provided by the facility of your employer as they will ofter over look certain injuries in an effort to get them back to work.
  • If you need help locating a doctor, contact us.  We can help you locate competant medical care.

Were you injured in a plant fire or explosion?

If so, we can help with the medical treatment and recovery process. Chat with a live representative now or submit a free case evaluation below and our team of plant explosion attorneys will reach out shortly. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing people injured at major plant explosions in Houston, Texas and across the country. We’re here to help you put your life back together.