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Texas hit and run accidents often lead to fatal automobile crashes because they often involve a pedestrian or a bicyclist. In the United States, there are almost 700,000 hit and run accidents annually.  Texas law requires drivers to stop and stay at the scene to until the accident can be investigated and a driver must render aid to another driver.

One of the studies on automobile accidents found that at least one hit and run accident occurs once every minute in the United States alone. Also, hit and runs make up 5% of all vehicular accident deaths.

Drivers are instructed by the law to provide any further assistance after an accident occurs that the victim may require. This includes any immediate assistance required to render aid after the collision.

Texas drivers that choose to hit and run from an accident may face serious legal consequences as outlined in the Texas statutes.  These instances include attempts to run from the scene, disappear from the incident, or refuse to cooperate after the accident. In Texas , leaving the scene of an accident that involves serious bodily injury is a second-degree felony and feeling from a scene where a death occurs is a third-degree felony. Drivers can spend serious time behind bars for fleeing the scene.

Reason Why Drivers Refuse to Stop in Hit and Run Scenes

“Hit and Run” can be defined as an accident where the person at fault fails to stop at the scene. There are various reasons why people might choose to flee rather than face their legal and moral responsibilities after a car accident, including:

Fear of taking responsibility or guilt

Rather than accept responsibility for their actions, the driver elects to flee from repercussions of running a red light, speeding or traffic rule violations. They are cognizant that it was in fact their fault.

Invalid License or Registration

Some drivers opt to drive on the roads despite having no drivers licenses or a suspended drivers license or registration. Fleeing from the scene is often a last-ditch effort to escape any repercussions from driving without proper authorization, though such attempts are often futile.  Normally the authorities will catch up to them.

Lack of Insurance or expired insurance

In Texas, it’s not only illegal to drive without basic automobile liability insurance; it also puts the driver at risk of being personally liable for any damages and injuries caused in an accident.

Alcohol Intoxication or Drug Abuse

Hit and run accidents are all too common, often occurring when a driver knows they have been impaired by alcohol or drugs – or both. Drivers face severe repercussions such as fines, license revocation, and jail time for this conduct; thus, prompting many to flee in an effort to evade likely DUI charges.

Outstanding Warrants or Legal Concerns

In certain scenarios, a driver may be cognizant that they possess warrants which will only come to light after the authorities arrive and check their identity.

It’s highly unlikely that a driver doesn’t know they caused an accident, especially if there were injuries involved. While some people may claim ignorance after the fact, it is very rare for someone to be unaware of hitting another car or person while driving. Little credence should be given when such stories are asserted – in all likelihood, those who leave the scene of an incident knew full well what had happened and chose to flee regardless.

Who is Liable for Damages in a Hit and Run Scenario?

It’s possible to experience a variety of injuries in hit and run cases, leaving victims with the question: who is going to cover my medical bills, wage losses, emotional suffering and more? Fortunately, there are several sources that may assist you in recovering your damages. These include:

The Driver

In most hit and run cases, the age-old expression “you can’t escape what you deserve” proves to be true. Fortunately, with witness statements and investigation skills, these drivers are often found in due time – meaning they or their insurance companies could end up compensating you for your damages.

The Victim’s Insurance Company

Depending on the type of insurance you possess, you might have coverage for hit and run accidents or uninsured motorists.  Your insurer may be liable for the entirety or a fraction of your loss. To determine the extent to which they are accountable, we will thoroughly analyze and assess your insurance policy and negotiate with the insurance company.

The Victim’s Compensation Coverage

Should you have been involved in a hit and run accident while driving for your employer, workers’ compensation may be able to provide coverage for medical bills, lost wages, and other associated damages.  If there are other parties involved in your accident, those additional individuals or parties may have insurance that can pay your injuries as well.

Hit and Run Crashes in Houston, TX

Don’t give up if the driver responsible for an accident fails to remain at the scene because there are still opportunities available to you. When paired with a qualified legal team, every avenue of recovery will be thoroughly explored by our experienced professionals, ensuring that you obtain the maximum compensation available for your loss.

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