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Traumatic brain injuries often slip under the radar because they are difficult to diagnose and treat, but so can your deserved compensation. We have the experience to help you find the right medical care for the best diagnosis and treatment for your injuries which will maximize your recovery. 

This CDC report claims that millions of Americans suffer from brain injuries yearly such at Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries and concussions — TBIs are considered some of the most severe. 

Not to be confused with hereditary brain damage; a genetic brain disorder, TBIs result from external events that have devastatingly dealt a forceful impact to the head or body, thereby causing the brain to be jarred severely resulting in internal damage.. 

It can be triggered by a range of events — from car accidents to falls, slips in the bathroom or down the stairs, impact from a heavy or sharp object, etc. 

TBI encompasses a range of injuries to the brain, which can either only affect one specific area of the brain (focal) or spread across multiple regions. (diffused). They’re hard to diagnose, expensive to treat and can drastically alter the course of an individual’s life. 

Notably, males within the age bracket of 15-24 are likely to suffer TBI, thanks to higher risk tolerance in how they lead their lives. But it can also happen to anyone regardless of their age. 

If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI, don’t hesitate to contact a Houston brain injury attorney to help you navigate this turbulent period — especially when seeking compensation to cope with the extremely high cost of ongoing medical treatment. 

Tell-tale signs of TBI

Brain injuries are unique to each individual. Some may be severe yet hidden deep within, disguised as mere confusion or forgetfulness. But largely, there’re some red flags to look out for: 

  • A temporary loss of consciousness;
  • Memory lags/memory loss;
  • Sleeping complications;
  • Dizziness or blurred vision, where the victim might suffer seizures or convulsions;
  • Fatigue;
  • Ringing in the ears;
  • Extreme mood changes, depression, or agitation; and
  • Unusually high sensitivity to light or sound.

Remember, the brain is a complex organ, and these symptoms may not always reveal the full extent of the injury. However, medical tests can shed light on what’s going on to determine the specific impact of the injury on the brain.

The doctor may also deploy a combination of tools to diagnose the extent of the brain injury. Cognitive, speech, and physical development tests can be carried out alongside MRIs, CT scans, and x-rays in the diagnosis. 

The treatment is fully dependent on the severity and type of brain injury. Some may require intensive physical and occupational therapy, while some may require surgery. 

What damages can I get in my brain injury case? 

Legally speaking, a concussion, traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is like any other personal injury claim. Besides dealing a devastating blow to your health, it can also burn a hole in the victim’s pocket due to the high cost of treatment and continuing medical care as well as missed time from work.

The damages in these cases are similar to those in other personal injury cases. Yet, the injuries’ severity and the steep medical treatment cost set them apart. So, what type compensation can you expect from a Houston brain injury lawyer on your behalf? Here’s a glimpse:

  • Medical expenses: Whether emergency room visits or surgeries, medical bills can pile up quickly and potentially overwhelm you — even with medical insurance! You deserve total reimbursement or, at least, compensation for a substantial part of the steep costs spent on your road to recovery.
  • Lost potential earnings: Admittedly, brain injuries rob you of your livelihood. Things like fatigue and emotional distress may set in, leaving you mentally unfit to perform on the job.Things like this limit your career choices. If you’re able to work at all, you’ll much likely take on lesser-paying jobs than that which you were working pre-injury. But it is the loss of ability to earn in the future that deals your finances the most debilitating sucker punch.The loss of future earnings is a valid claim, as you must be compensated for the reduced earning capacity caused by someone else’s negligence or wrongful act.
  • Continuous Care: In some cases, TBI requires ongoing care, including physical therapy, medication, skilled nursing care, and more. The cost of this long-term care can be a significant portion of your damage claim as it could go on for life. You should not be made to bear the burden alone.
  • Pain and suffering: You’re entitled to compensation not just for the physical pain you endure but also for your diminished quality of life and ability to engage in hobbies as you once did. Any compensation awarded should cover the emotional and mental anguish of the injury, as well as any future suffering.

How our Houston brain injury lawyers help you 

After a traumatic brain injury, your main priority should be your health and recovery. You focus on your health and we’ll take care of getting you the compensation you deserve.

Here are a few of the processes our injury and insurance attorneys at Fitts Law Firm follow in your brain injury case:

  • There’s little chance of success if damages after a brain injury have not been properly documented. We’ll gather the evidence needed to build your case, including medical records, witness statements, expert testimony, and more, to recover full compensation for your damages.
  • We strive to help you reach an out-of-court settlement with the party responsible for your injury. If both sides agree, this can happen at any time during the claims process.  Although, we always tell our clients that we must prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.  Solid preparation often triggers early settlements.
  • Admittedly, many brain injury claims are settled without going to trial, but if a settlement isn’t possible, we’ll explain your options for filing a lawsuit and taking the case to court.
  • As the case progresses in a trial, both sides will exchange evidence and interview parties and witnesses, a process known as “discovery.”
  • Typically the court will send us to try mediation to resolve the case before it goes to trial.
  • If mediation is unsuccessful, the brain injury case will be heard in court.
  • A jury or judge will decide, or reach a verdict, in the case. 

If you’re suffering a brain injury, one of the most helpful decisions you can make is to talk to an experienced Houston brain injury lawyer. Brain injury claims are complex and require a deep understanding of Texas personal injury laws, the science related to brain injuries, and great trial skills to get results. 

Don’t let financial concerns stop you from getting the justice and compensation you deserve! Our brain injury attorneys understand that TBIs can be overwhelming, which is why we work on a contingency fee basis. 

This means you don’t owe us a single penny until you win your case. And once that happens, an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement or award will be ours to keep. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our brain injury lawyers regularly entertain these questions on traumatic brain injury lawsuits:

Are TBIs of different levels of severity?

In short, yes. Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild blows like a concussion, to moderate, and then severe blows.

Can anyone ever fully recover from a TBI?

It all boils down to the severity of the condition. On the one hand, mild TBIs, for example, concussions can often be fully recovered from within a few months. 

On the other, more severe brain injuries may take months or even years to recover from, and some may result in permanent effects the victim never fully recovers from.

What’re the odds of surviving a traumatic brain injury?

Your likelihood of survival rests on a few factors: the severity of the injury, the speed and quality of medical attention received, and the quality of the medical care administered — from diagnosis to treatment. 

That said, over 90% of those with TBI survive their injuries. And while 90% sounds like a large number, only a small portion of victims — perhaps a quarter — may continue to face moderate to severe problems from the injury.

How much settlement on average can I expect to see if I’ve suffered a head injury?

Again, depending on how severe the injury is, compensation can vary. If it’s a minor concussion with no long-term effects, you could be looking at a payout of less than $100,000. 

However, the payout could reach millions for more serious injuries requiring ongoing care. And remember, having a Houston brain injury lawyer in your corner to advance your interest on the negotiation table or in court can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Houston Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injury lawsuits often spark legal disputes over the specifics of the injury and the extent of impact on the victim. Even when it’s clear that the injury is severe and someone else is to blame, the right amount of compensation can be a matter of fierce litigation. 

Brain injuries can be complicated to diagnose, and these types of cases can be tough to argue, but that’s where our injury team comes in. We have experience handling these types of claims and a track record of success. We’ll call on experts in neurology, psychiatry, economics, and life planning to help us build a clear and compelling case on your behalf.

If you are suffering from a TBI, we understand that no money can fully compensate for your hardship, but it can certainly make life a little more bearable. Plus, with the high cost of medical care and ongoing treatment, it’s vital to get the financial support you need to keep moving forward.

At Fitts Law Firm, our attorneys walk the walk in out efforts to help brain injury victims. As such, you’ll likely see our passion shining through every aspect of our work — from staying in touch with you & your case to offering support & advice and fighting tirelessly to hold those responsible for your brain injury accountable. 

Our brain injury lawyers won’t stop until we’ve explored every legal option to get you the best compensation on your claim.

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