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On November 27 of this year, explosions at the TPC chemical plant in Port Neches, Texas rocked the city and surrounding communities. After the explosions, fires erupted and burned uncontrolled, spewing dangerous pollutants into the air for close to a week. Reports from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality indicate that the effects of the event are continuing.

The explosions and fires led to massive evacuations, including some areas up to 4 miles from the plant. It also led to millions of dollars in losses for those whose health, property and businesses were affected by the explosions and the aftermath. Reports indicate that TPC has a history of state and federal environmental violations going back years, including ongoing air quality standard violations since 2017.

Resulting from the TPC Explosion

There are a number of different types of damage you may have experienced as the result of the explosion at the TPC refinery. They include:

  • Personal Injuries. You may have a personal injury claim that we can prosecute on your behalf because of the explosion and fires at TPC. Your claim could be an injury that occurred immediately or just following the explosions, including smoke inhalation, being struck by debris, and similar injuries. In addition, many people have experienced, and continue to experience, symptoms such as headaches, earaches, and sore throats, among others, which may be the direct result of the TPC explosion and fires. Remember that the plant contained known carcinogens. If you believe you may have suffered personal injuries attributable to the incident but are unable to find a doctor to evaluate your illness, our firm can help.
  • Property Damage. The explosions caused broken windows and fixtures, structural damage, property hit by flying debris, and other problems. Some of these may have, or could in the future, even lead to water damage and related problems such as mold. This is particularly prevalent in the half-mile radius around the plant, which was evacuated after the explosions. Our experts can evaluate the cause and the cost of repairing any such damage.
  • Business Losses. If your business was closed or unable to operate, you may be entitled to compensation for your business losses. This includes not only damage to business property, but also loss of profits caused by the inability to operate because of the TPC explosions and fires. Our staff can calculate the amount of these damages.

If you have suffered any of these types of damage or losses, you may be entitled to compensation. But it is essential that you take the appropriate steps.

What Should I Do to Pursue My TPC Damage Claim?

There are steps you should definitely take to solidify and pursue your damage claim resulting from the TPC incident. The first step, of course, in the case of personal injuries, is to seek immediate medical treatment for any injuries. Following that, it is important to document the details of your claim. You should take pictures and keep a written record of any damage on your property. If any repairs were made, keep the receipts and any other documentation relating to those repairs. In addition, retain all records concerning your medical treatment.

With regard to any business loss, maintain your business records. The amount of the loss needs to be calculated, and we have experts on staff who can help you analyze whether you have a loss of business claim.

TPC Port Neches Explosion Attorney in Houston

If you believe you have a claim for damages resulting from the TPC disaster, speak to an attorney with a history of helping clients seek damages as the result of industrial and petrochemical explosions. Call the Fitts Law Firm today for a free consultation.