Waston Grinding and Manufacturing Explosion Information Houston, Texas

On January 24, 2020, the owner of Waston Grinding has reported explosion, originating from a propylene tank at the Watson Grinding facility located at 4525 Gessner Road, Houston, Texas 77041. That blast was felt for miles. Waston Grinding is located on Gessner Road between I-10 and Highway 290. Nearby neighborhoods include Spring Shadows and homes and businesses that feed into Northbrook Middle School.

Who is Watson Grinding and Manufacturing?

According to its website, it was founded in 1960 and purports to be a family owned business operating as a full-scale machine shop offering thermal specialty spray coatings. Today Watson specializes in the turning and milling of exotic alloys, hard metals and large parts. The facility has a robotic thermal spray facility and on-site metallurgical laboratory. As this point, we do not know why propylene was on site.

Who was affected by the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing explosion?

Initial online and social media reports indicate that property in the immediate vicinity suffered severe and catastrophic damage. The blast was substantially felt up to 15 miles away including Fry Road in the Nottingham County Subdivision.

What caused the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing explosion?

At this point, all that is known is that the Watson Grinding Blast originated from propylene tank at the facility. It is believed that a very large propylene tank leaked into an explosion proof room that later exploded.

Has a Lawsuit Against Watson Grinding and Manufacturing been filed?

Yes. Suit was filed in an effort to preserve evidence related to the cause of the explosion.  A temporary restraining order was filed and was granted by the judge.  The purpose was to make sure all physical evidence is preserved so a property investigation as to the cause of the blast can be conducted.  The

What type of damage occurred as a result of the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing explosion?

Immediate reports indicate that homes and other structure have been severely damaged and compromised. Windows were blown out, walls were dislodged, and insulation was blow from attics. Collapsed walls and ceilings have been reported as well.

How should a property owner report their damage from the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing explosion?

Watson Griding and Manufacturing Explosion
First you should contact your insurance company. If you have insurance on your property, you should file a Watson explosion insurance claim against your insurance company. Our Watson Property Damage Lawyers offer free confidential consultations to review your policy to see what is covered by this explosion. If you do not have insurance on your property, can you make a claim against Watson Grinding and Manufacturing for causing the damages to your home.

How should you report personal injuries if you were injured Watson Grinding and Manufacturing Explosion?

We know that at least two people have been hospitalized and there are reports of others. If you were injured, you should see a doctor immediately. Typical injuries include hearing loss, ringing ears, injuries to your body as a result of being physically blown from the shockwave of the blast or injuries resulting from running or fleeing from the blast. In any event, you need to report your injuries to a medical professional immediately so you can start the treatment process. Please call our Watson Grinding and Manufacturing Attorneys if you do not have a doctor who will see you. Sometimes medical professional refuse to see people who were injured in a explosion such as this because they do not want to have to testify if the claim ends up in litigation or a lawsuit.

If you or someone you know was effected by the Waston Grinding Explosion we are here to help.

Our experienced explosion attorneys are here to provide free, confidential consultations to discuss your injuries that occurred as a result of this explosion.  Please call, submit a web form, and initiate a chat with our firm today.