Why You Should File A Supplemental Harvey Flood Insurance Claim

Underpaid flood insurance claim

Supplemental Harvey Flood Insurance Claim

Did it cost you more to repair your home than the amount of money you were provided for your Harvey Flood Insurance Claim? We have heard multiple reports of this. For example, if you have $250,000 in flood insurance and your original estimate provided that it would take $150,000 to repair your house. You received that money, but you also spend another $100,000 out of your pocket or from a loan to put your house together. How you can recover the additional $100,000?

You can file a supplemental Harvey insurance claim. Most homeowners are finally back in their homes and have no desire to mess with anything Harvey related at this point. If you are out of gas, call us today, we can handle your supplemental Harvey Flood Insurance Claim for no out of pocket expense. We only get paid if we recover funds for you. Do not delay because time is running out to file supplemental claims. Call today!