Hail Claim Testimonial

Jean B

I definitely had a great experience and outcome. . . Will refer anyone I know to this firm!

John P. – Commercial Building Owner

"We really have to commend the job that Carla and Bryant did for us on our commercial roof case. After a denial from the insurance company, Carla and Bryant quickly assembled a team of experts, skillfully took and defended depositions, and finally forced the insurance company to capitulate after mediation. Five star service."

Robert Schwartz, President Holly Villa HOAYou Have My Heartfelt Appreciation

"On September 13th 2008, our Condominium Association, consisting of 40 individual units, was hammered by Hurricane Ike: roofs were blown off the buildings, trees fell and crushed our carports, and there was water damage to units that were left without roofs. Our insurance company estimated the damage just at $94,682 – which, coincidentally, was the deductible on our master policy for named storms with coverage of $1,000,000. This left our cash strapped community facing bankruptcy so we were forced to obtain a small business loan and pay for all the damages ourselves. For decades, our Home Owners Association (HOA) paid an insurance premium of $20,000 a year, yet we received no compensation from our insurance company for our catastrophic loss, I felt something was terribly wrong. I was certain that the insurance company was underestimating our loss, and taking advantage of us and preventing us from obtaining proper compensation to  and prevent us from rebuilding our shattered community.


Our property was built in the 1960’s, so our community was already operating on a shoestring budget. To prevent from going bankrupt our HOA was forced to get a small business loan for $120,000 needed to repair the property and to stay afloat financially. Now our community was not only buried in hurricane debris, but we were also buried in terrible debt and struggling with funds to manage our largest investment, our homes.


I felt something was horribly wrong with this situation and I was determined to fight the insurance company. I discovered that Bryant Fitts and his law firm was one of the top rated in insurance law specialty. Mr. Fitts and his firm actually listened. He agreed to take on the insurance company and help our community get fair compensation for our loss.


It has been a long and winding road, but the expert team at the Fitts Law Firm patiently and professionally persisted in overcoming each obstacle that the insurance company put in our path. Our total compensation was more than double what the insurance company originally estimated. Much to our surprise, the vigilant team of attorneys also discovered misappropriation of insurance funds by our own property management company. This fight for fair compensation is not over, and, if it was not for Bryant Fitts and his vigilant team of legal experts, our little community near Bellaire, Texas, would be dead in the water. Like driftwood is at the mercy of the ocean, our community would have been at the mercy of the insurance company, but Bryant Fitts and his expert team of legal specialists helped us obtain the resources we needed to rebuild our little community and improve the quality of our lives.


You have my heartfelt appreciation, and gratitude all for believing in us and helping us."

Rod M. – Mansfield, TexasWords Cannot Express My Gratitude

“I want to thank you for all your efforts in my case…  words cannot express my gratitude….Without you and your team, we would have received nothing and suffered a great injustice.”

J.R. – La Porte, TexasI received much more than I expected

“I received much more than I expected for my settlement. Thanks again!”

Adam Leday – Dallas, Texas

After interviewing several professionals, I was able to speak with Bryant Fitts who took my case and gave our family the promising results that we were looking for. Bryant and his firm worked very had for us and provided great customer service while diligently working on our claim. I am convinced that our case would not have been successful without Bryant’s hard work.

Sue S. – Dallas, Texas

After several months of the run around by my insurance company, a friend of mine suggested that I contact an insurance attorney.  I am very happy followed through and contacted this firm.  As a result of the settlement, I was able to pay for all my storm related damage and I now have a new roof with a full warranty. I hope do not need to hire this firm again, but if I do, I will in a heartbeat.